Here is a list of good websites and Pages worth a Visit! 

Hobby Historica

Ran by the Famous Inka from Norway, you can buy items, and read his amazing blog on Relic Hunting and on finding soldiers.

He also has written a very interesting book!

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Military Archeology Legenda/ Latvia (NGO) 

World renowned and awarded NGO, that don’t stop at anything in order to find missing soldiers across the Eastern Front. They are based in Latvia, and their members stretch wide and far. An amazing group of men and woman that work tirelessly to find soldiers still missing form WW1 and WW2.

They work with local governments in order to bring peace to these missing soldiers.

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Wehrmacht Awards Forum 

A great place to get information, discuss items and post items for inspection by some very knowledgable collectors. If your thinking about joining it it can be a useful tool in working out the reproduction items from the good stuff (pre May 1945). Its subscription is not much, its platform is rather outdated but it works! A good tool for anyone thinking of stepping into this hobby!

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Axis History 

A great site and forum! Worth it for the research potential!

War Relics Forum

Another great forum with plenty of activity!


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