Your artefacts interest us and just as much to our world wide established customer base. 
Adler Militaria is known in the market for two things, quality and authenticity.

We accept certain artefacts and we are happy to offer the service that your collection deserves. 

How does it works:

• By email, phone or meet up, we determine by mutual agreement the interest and the sale price.

• We receive the artefact.

• We determine pricing for each item and discuss qualities that should be emphasized in the listing description

• We will market your artefact in our updates

• We do the description and research, and even expertise if needed

• We update our Social Media outlets with our newly offered items

• We keep the Consignee ‘in the loop’ meaning you get informed as soon as we process the order

• We process incoming payments transactions

• We pack securely and ship promptly after receipt of payment of the buyer

Once the buyer has expressed satisfaction with his purchase, we transfer to your account the final amount deducted from the commission.

Benefits of Consigning:

You get expertise, web content quality offer, extensive international client database and potential customers, our preferred shipping rates, our secure payment system, no sales-inhibiting buyer premium. There are no fees charged for filing.

In addition to managing the website and various social media outlets, we will be attending shows across Europe.


There are no up front costs for consigning.

Our policy regarding pricing and commissions is one of complete openness and transparency.

The fee for completed sales using Alder Militaria Consignment Sales Services are:

• Value from 500 > 5.000 €:    20% of the final sales price

• Value from 5.000 > 10.000 €:    17% of the final sales price

• Value if over 10.000 €:    15% of the final sales price

For More Information please Contact Us .