February 2016

It all started as a child, I was 8 Years old and infected with the ‘militaria’ bug.

I was on a family holiday with my parents in New York city and spent all my savings on a German M42 Helmet. After a heated argument with my parents I finally justified the purchase and went without any other goodies on my trip to New York!

I come from a family persecuted by the Nazi regime, this for me made me more intrigued and convincing all my family members of why I would rather own a piece of history as to look at it on a picture has been a hard task!

I pursued collecting full on, I bought many nice items, sold many nice items and found myself going to Europe often to source items. I traveled most of France and Germany in search for nice items for my collection and items to sell!

I created a good network of ‘pickers’… People who find this stuff on a daily basis and don’t know what to do with it, people that have house clearance firms etc. I have also been in contact with many veterans and their families.

This way I was always able to find new items and bring them to the collector market at reasonable prices. For me its not about the value that keeps me looking for items its about the history, I am a self confessed ‘History addict’.

I have watched new websites pop up all over the internet, and they all seem to be driven by one motivation and its simply profit. Wether it be – Special functions to see the items before others but you have to pay etc etc… Expertise from self proclaimed experts costing fees etc – (I offer it free for items over 100GBP). All this money drive for me takes the spark out of this hobby and makes many people in this hobby unhappy!

The items are all valuable but some more than others – for me if something lands in my store, it will be researched until there is no more new information available! I want to focus on what brought us all here, to finding out what happened and finding the ‘Wooo! Factor’ of item is my main aim!

I am passionate about history and if you read any of my listings you will soon find that out! I focus not solely on the aesthetics of the item itself, or condition like many collectors do… I try to focus on the history of the item, ‘what is it telling me’...

I have a passion for ‘documents and paperwork’ – I spend endless hours trying to bring the history alive, searching archives or searching the internet up and down to bring the story of the documents alive. For most of my items, if I was paid hourly for researching I would not break even!

I have been a keen ‘relic hunter’ – I have traveled Europe in search for all sorts of Military relics, and have been very successful in finding some of the rarest items found with a metal detector related to WW2. It came to a point in my adult life, where I had to give something back to this hobby, give something to the men that earned these medals, regardless of there background and regardless of who they are. I was invited to be a member of a NGO that specialise in searching for missing Soldiers and giving them a resting place among their fellow soldiers. This for me was the biggest gift in terms of ‘history hunting’ – its not all about artefacts, its about real people with real stories that should never be forgotten. I am strictly against ‘Black Diggers’ and will actively fight anyone who abuses their metal detector to exploit anyone or break international Law in relation to fallen soldiers. I was awarded in 2015 a medal from the Latvian state for my work in helping recover over 118 Russian soldiers, and around 30 German Soldiers.

I have been on TV a few times during my adventures searching for history, wether it be Latvian national TV, German prime time TV or being a part of a major military series featured worldwide!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my website, I can promise you a new line of items frequently.

A top service – from collector to collector!